KlickIt CBC mathematics (age 3-5) is an engaging, challenging and exciting educational content full of fun games and animations to keep your child learning mathematics. The content focuses on the competency-based curriculum aiming at building competences such as:

  1. Communication and collaboration
  2. Critical thinking and problem solving
  3. Imagination and creativity
  4. Citizenship
  5. Learning to learn
  6. Self-efficacy
  7. Digital literacy

Its never too early to start nurturing your child’s skills in numeracy especially when it comes with so much fun and ease.

KlickIt CBC mathematics allows children to play while they are learning and that makes it more likely for them to retain the concepts and the skills learnt. It also makes them want to have the urge to learn more frequently at young age.

KlickIt CBC mathematics is the perfect foundation to the basics of shapes, numbers, sorting and grouping, measurements, and logical skills.

KlickIt CBC mathematics features:

  • 60+ interactive and engaging lessons in different topics
  • Engaging gamified activities for assessments and practice
  • Different maths games on matching and pairing, sorting and filling gaps
  • Exciting and attractive sound effects and music for children
  • Nicely designed and colourful graphics and animations
  • Activities to improve child’s creativity, brain’s observation skills, concentration, memory, imagination and cognitive ability.
  • KlickIt CBC mathematics is the educational app that will see your child make strides in mathematics in their pre-school years.